Huawei publishes EMUI10.1 schedule for Europe

Huawei has confirmed which devices will initially receive EMUI10.1 in Europe, with more to come in the future.

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In March of this year, Huawei launched the P40 series, debuting a new version of their EmotionUI Android skin, EMUI10.1, which furthers improves the experience on EMUI10 with quite a lot of novelties. Initially, the manufacturer only confirmed which models would be receiving this new update in China, covering devices released by both Huawei and their subsidiary Honor. We now have an initial schedule and list of devices for Europe, with only 7 models listed, although more should be added in the future. EMUI10.1 is already available on the P30 series, with the P30 Pro New Edition coming with this new version out of the box. The other P30 Pro models should be getting the update around mid-June 2020, together with the regular P30, the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, the Mate 30 Pro, the Nova 5T and the Mate Xs. In theory, most European Mate 30 Pro units have already received said update, having been released a few weeks ago.

Some of the new features on EMUI10.1 include Golden Snap, which takes a moving picture of roughly 1.5 seconds, and then the AI automatically selects the best shot. Furthermore, users can remove passers-by and reflections with “AI Remove Passerby” and “AI Remove Reflection”, with all these options being available in the editing tools in the Gallery, and only working on moving pictures, which is an important detail to keep in mind.

We also find new tools on the multi-screen collaboration feature, making it even easier to use the smartphone on the laptop and tablet directly, going as far as being able to answer calls without having to go through the phone.

Other multi-tasking features include a new Multi-Device control panel, allowing users to easily connect and move to nearby connected devices or smart home appliances, making it easier to use the various Huawei accessories such as the MateBook, Huawei Vision or the various HiLink compatible devices, although this feature is mostly reserved to the Chinese market, as there are very few HiLink compatible devices outside of China.

Lastly, we also find the multi-window mode, which replaces split screen, with a bar on both the left and the right of the screen, which can be customized with the users’ preferred applications and be used to quickly use two or three apps at the same time. This feature is quite interesting on larger screens, such as on the Mate Xs or the MatePad Pro, but also works quite well on “smaller” devices such as the P40 Pro.

However, some of the new features seen on EMUI10.1 are, for now, reserved to the P40 series, such as Huawei’s new voice assistant, Celia, even if this one is rather limited in functionality for now. Other features announced with EMUI10.1 are not yet widely available on all models and regions, such as MeeTime or the Multi-Device control panel, as previously mentioned.

If EMUI10.1 follows last year’s EMUI9.1 deployment schedule, we should be seeing more, older devices, getting this new update throughout July and August, with the manufacturer regularly adding new devices to the list, until the new version of EMUI is announced and launched.

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