DRSC Media reaches 1 100 articles

DRSC Media, 2017

DRSC Media is really proud of announcing having published over 1 100 free articles.

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Despite the current events taking place in the world, with the coronavirus pandemic having closed many businesses and slowed down the economy overall, our company has mostly remained unaffected, seeing a stable number of visitors throughout the past few months, and publishing dozens of articles every month, both on our usual subjects and covering the events taking place around us, with many of these articles being written entirely from scratch by us, gathering ourselves the source material.

At the same time, over these past few months, we’ve also made a few changes to our website, such as removing the comment section. While we would rather have one, as it gives users the chance to interact with us, share their opinion on a subject we covered or ask questions, most of our articles are written in a way that there is little to no room to comment on them, meaning our overall engagement rate was quite low. Ironically, while this should be seen as positive, as we are essentially providing all the information readers might be looking for, some have used this low engagement rate as an accusation against us, claiming we were, somehow, a failed media organization. Furthermore, the comment section would also generate extra work for us, having to deal with both bots and spam comments, forcing us to regularly delete dozens of comments. We believe those seeking for further clarifications on a subject, or wanting to correct a mistake we might have made, will e-mail us directly, with our contact information being relatively easy to find.

Looking at our current content, out of the 1 100 free articles we’ve published, 952 are from DRSC Media, while the 148 remaining come from DRSC Pro+, with the past few weeks having seen a sharp fall in new DRSC Pro articles becoming free-to-read.

If we now break down the numbers and compare them to our previous milestone, not much has changed:

  • 1 100 total articles, up from 1 000
  • 847 articles in English, up from 747 articles
  • 127 articles in Spanish, with no change
  • 126 articles in French, with no change
  • 473 606 total words published, up from 413 131 words
  • 430.55 words/article on average, up from 413.13 words
  • 32 months since we started, back in October 2017

As previously mentioned, we’ve decided to slow down the release of paying articles. We understand some readers might not like this, however, we need to somehow justify our rather pricey subscription program, with exclusivity being one of the main arguments. Furthermore, if we look at the average words per article for DRSC Pro, this one stands at 741.29, having increased from 691.05, with our content becoming denser/longer, and thus further justifying the subscription cost. This doesn’t mean we will not be releasing paying content to the public anymore, with dozens of articles scheduled to come out in the coming weeks/months, many covering important subjects.

As per usual, we thank you for your continued support,

DRSC Media

A division of DRSC Publishers Ltd.

Report written with the support of DRSC Pro.