DRSC Media reaches 350 articles, launches new section

DRSC Media, 2017

At the beginning of last month, we reached 200 articles published. Today, with over 350 articles published, we’ve decided to make some small changes, as well as adding a new section.

Artículo disponible en Español | Article disponible en Français

Since the last article about the company, we’ve reached 350 articles published. In total, DRSC Media has published over 250 articles in English, over 50 in Spanish and close to 50 in French, for a total of over 123 000 words written.

Recently we started translating old articles that are only available in one or two languages, with the objective of offering all the information we’ve published until now to all of our readers.

We’ve also decided to launch a new section, complementing our dedicated content available on eupropaganda.eu and huaweinews.eu. This new section will be called “Días de la Independencia” [Independence Days], or “Depes Days” for the friends, and, as the name says, it’ll cover various events linked to the Catalonian independentism. Basically, it’ll be the contrary of the Catalonian propaganda: while they call “feixistes” all of those who disagree with them and their ideas, we will call them “Lazis” and “feixistes” due to what they are doing.

This new section will be accessible via our website, or directly via depesdays.cat.

“Depes Days” comes with new Twitter accounts to follow the content you are interested in, such as “EU Propaganda” or “Huawei News”, as well as “Depes Days”, obviously. The main account of DRSC Media on Twitter will continue sharing all the content. These are all our Twitter accounts: