Shooting in the Netherlands: 4 dead

Picture unrelated to event | unsplash-logoStephanie LeBlanc

4 dead and 5 injured after a shooting in a tram in Utrecht, Netherlands, soon after New Zealand’s mosque attack.

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Two weeks ago, the 18th of March, soon after the attack of a mosque in New Zealand leaving 50 dead, another shooting took place in the Dutch city of Utrecht. In the morning of the 18th, a Turkish-born man opened fire inside of a tram, initially killing 3 and injuring 5 other people. Initially considered as a terrorist attack, with the city taking appropriate measures such as asking students to stay at school and locking down part of the city, other motives were considered, the shooting possibly being linked to family reasons.

The suspected attacker was eventually arrested a few hours later. Following his arrest, the authorities decided to decrease the threat level, until then at its maximum.

The suspected ended up recognizing being the sole perpetrator of the attack.

The 28th, it was announced that one of the wounded had died from his injuries, bringing the death toll to 4 victims. 

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