DRSC Media reaches 200 articles

DRSC Media, 2017

We’ve recently passed the 200 articles goal. Here’s a look at changes and improvements we’ve made since we passed the 150 articles goal.

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​We’ve just passed the 200 articles goal, about a month after passing the 150 articles objective. In June 2018, we published 73 articles, which is an average of 2.43 articles a day. We wrote and published 29 468 words, which comes to 982 words a day, with each article being around 403 words. This increase in words per article is due to us shifting towards new, more original content, such as guides and reviews, as well as articles linked to specific themes.

Originally, we wanted to reach the 200 articles before the last day of June, but this turned out to not be possible, due to both issues on our side as well as connectivity issues in the office. We missed the objective by 4 articles. Our connectivity issues haven’t been solved yet, with the technician scheduled to come in… August. Thank you, Belgium! Very helpful. We are currently working from a shop we know, but this is only a temporary solution and as we don’t have access to our workstations, we are unable to work at the same pace as we’ve been doing over the past month.

Part of the team is also away or on holidays, meaning there’s less people to handle the work between DRSC Publishers and DRSC Media.

Our next goal is 500 articles. For now, DRSC Publishers will continue supporting the project. We are planning on exploring other host options, to try and cut costs on our digital infrastructure and achieve profitability sooner. Chances are that we’ll be testing alternatives with huaweinews.eu, so there are chances that domain may be down from time to time.