Pig Demont loses the battle against Puigdemont

Adelais Domènech [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

​The Catalonian ex-president wins against the Andalusian company “Pig Demont”.

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A few months ago, Puigdemont, the Catalonian ex-president on the run, decided to oppose the registration of the company “Pig Demont” through his lawyer. The Andalusian businessman tried to fight the decision of suspending the label, and we had to wait nervously for the answer. The conclusion of the Office of Patents and Labels is finally here: the registration of the logo and the name “Pig Demont” was denied. The reason is that they look very similar to Puigdemont.

This is both sad and quite funny. It is sad since now the businessman will have to destroy the stickers that use the image and name of the ex-president. The funny part is that Puigdemont identifies himself with the name and the face of the demanded pig.

On his website, the businessman specifies he is planning to oppose the decision of the Office of Patents and Labels, and that in the coming days he will open a new website without using the refused logo and label.

It is a shame that it seems the justice only works in one direction, against regular citizens, while real criminals such as Puigdemont & friends are still free for now.

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