Italian metal band Ancient Bards crowdfunding campaign currently live

Ancient Bards

Around a month ago, we made an article about Ancient Bards’ crowdfunding campaign for their 4th album and promised to do a follow-up article.

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The campaign launched the 2nd of July, as we previously mentioned, but, as per usual, we ended up taking forever to work on the follow-up article.

The campaign will still run for around 15 more days (depending on when this article is published), finishing, according to our calculations, the 12 of August. In any case, the crowdfunding has been quite successful, raising the 17K euros asked, and even going over by 42% extra. As of now, 24 178€ have been raised by 442 backers.

According to the band, the money will be used for the following tasks:

  • Pre-production
  • Recording, mixing and mastering
  • Choir
  • Cover artwork and booklet design
  • Photos and a video clip
  • Press releases, promotions and updates

As with most campaigns, there’s a series of stretch goals, going as following:

  • 20 000 euros for a second videoclip
  • 25 000 euros for the video of “Live from Willemeen”
  • 30 000 euros for the video of “Live from Wacken Open Air”

The band is offering as reward to the backers an exclusive album that will not be available later on, thus becoming a limited series. This album includes two CDs, being the regular album and a special orchestra version. Some other rewards include a t-shirt, skype lesson, and a few other rewards.

Ancient Bards expects to release the album around October and December 2018 but do mention there could be some delays.

The campaign can be found here

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