Explosion of a tanker truck near Bologna’s Airport, Italy

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In a rare event, a tanker truck exploded near Bologna’s Airport in Italy, leaving at least 1 dead and over 140 injured.

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The 6th of August on Bologna’s A14 highway, a collision between a tanker truck and a car made the truck burst in flames, cutting the traffic. Part of the elevated highway has collapsed. Due to the intensity of the fire, the firefighters took over an hour to control it, with a large smoke column coming out from the remains. The fire spread to cars from a dealership located below the bridge, and the explosion shacked the surrounding buildings. 

The airport has specified their infrastructure suffered no damages and continued operating normally, although they advise to plan extra time due to heavy traffic.

According to local authorities, the tanker truck was probably transporting liquified petroleum gas. At least 1 people have died, and over 140 were injured.

Work has already started on the bridge, needing close to two months of repairs, and re-opening in October. A dozen concrete beams will have to be replaced. The explosion has caused millions of euros in damages to buildings around the area, and an investigation into the accident has been opened. 

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