Three dead in Galicia due to wildfires

unsplash-logoMatt Howard | Unrelated to article

For the past few days, fires have affected various parts of Galicia, killing three people this weekend.

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Due to the elevated temperatures and probably various ‘criminal’ acts, various fires are burning thousands of hectares of Galician forests, threatening houses in nine different municipalities of Pontevedra, Ourense and Lugo.

The Galician government is having difficulties controlling the different fire outbreaks, and the fact of having fired over 400 operators that were only hired for during summer, doesn’t help the situation.

It is estimated that, since Friday, Galicia has suffered from around 150 fires, stopping traffic on the A-52 highway with direction to Vigo, and making it more difficult for the firemen to do their job.

The firemen and the police have asked dozens of locals to abandon their houses due to the smoke, and asked for volunteers to help fight the fire.
Various neighbours report that in some areas, water and electricity have been cut off, with the possibility of ending up without internet connection as well.