Huawei P10 receives Android 9.0 “Pie”/EMUI9.0

After a long wait, Android 9.0/EMUI9.0 is finally here for Huawei’s P10.

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Huawei’s P10 has finally received Android 9.0 “Pie”/EMUI9.0, after a long delay. Initially, the update was being rolled out in March, around the same time as the Mate 9, although, for unknown reasons, Huawei decided to delay it until the end of May, leaving some of us waiting for the new version of EMUI. According to the little information we could find, it would seem Huawei experienced issues with the rollout of EMUI9.0 on the P10, preferring to pause the update and fix the issues before continue pushing the upgrade.

The last update received by the P10 was Google’s security patch for the month of March 2019, missing on April, most likely include with the update to EMUI9.0.

As with the Mate 9, this version of EMUI is not labelled as “EMUI9.0”, but instead comes as “EMUI9.0.1”. As per usual, before any big update, it is heavily recommended to back-up all the data, in case something goes wrong during the update process, and the device has to be reset, wiping all the data.

This new patch changes the version from VTR-L09 to VTR-L09 and is 3.56 GB in size. As a quick mention, this update brings the Android security patch to 5 May 2019, putting the P10 next to other devices such as the Mate RS or the P30 Pro.

The patch notes read as following:

EMUI 9.0 is here. Built on Android Pie, EMUI 9.0 preserves that essential Android flavour, with an added dash of nature and simplicity. This new version contains wonderful new technology and streamlined processes, as well as a friendlier, more beautiful design. Our improved, intuitive interface brings greater convenience in work and daily use, safeguards your data, helps you to understand your digital habits and more.

We couldn’t be more proud to put EMUI 9.0 in your palm, and we hope it brings you joy and delight.

Note: The time required to install this update may vary depending on your device and network.

  • Simply natural

Intuitive design

We’ve simplified the UI in EMUI 9.0, making it easier and more intuitive to use.

Nature’s sounds

Alarms and ringtones are inspired by nature, bringing the wild back to your everyday.

Illustrated functionality

We’ve made it easier to learn about your phone with graphically engaging instructions and descriptions.

Simple settings

EMUI 9.0 unifies, combining once separate functions into a single, streamlined experience. All of your most frequently used settings are easier to access.

  • Streamlined efficiency

Digital balance

Understand your habits, manage your time, and get plenty of sleep. Digital balance helps you balance your device usage, so you and your family can live in perfect harmony with technology.

Faster launch times

We’ve improved launch speeds for the most popular apps on the market.


Once-heavy processes now move lightning fast. It’s now much faster to pay, open large images, and share photos with WeChat.

  • Backup, storage, and sharing


Updates the pre-downloaded songs to better cater to your preference.

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