Huawei France invents a new verb by mistake

Huawei France has created, seemingly by mistake, a new verb on their Twitter account.

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This article was originally written in French, playing with the language. Sadly, this cannot be properly translated, thus the meaning is lost.

It is while trying to interact with their Twitter community that Huawei France has created, by mistake, a new verb, “ourvir” [typo from “ouvrir”], coming from “ouvrir” [open]. Here’s the tweet from the company:

[At 1K retweets, we move the store we’ve just opened in Madrid to Barcelona! (Please don’t retweet too much)]

There’s not much else to say about this tweet, as it is clearly a typing mistake made by the community manager.

But, as per usual, we are going to over-analyse this tweet. It is probable that the tweet, originally, was not posted with the goal of interacting with the community, and was intended to promote both the opening of the new Huawei store in Madrid, which is the biggest Huawei store outside of China, and the future opening of their store in Barcelona. Huawei will also be opening a new store in France, in Paris, around the end of 2019.

On top of this, the tweet could be considered as free advertisement, taking in account that, through the many retweets of the community (currently, the tweet has been shared nearly 300 times), thousands of people will see the name of this brand. This method can also create a certain proximity with the public, giving the impression that the brand really does care about its customers. This method is used (more like exploited) by most brands, breaking the “corporate” impression many of them can give. Overall, nothing bad, and the mistake from the community manager of Huawei France’s Twitter account did make laugh more than one user on a Saturday afternoon. So all is well that ends well.

All that’s left to see if whether the brand will be opening other stores in Europe in the near future. There are currently 4, in: Warsaw, Madrid, Barcelona and the one that will soon open in Paris. The shop in Brussels, which was also the first Huawei store in Europe, is not counted amongst them, as this store is not owned by Huawei directly, and is instead authorized by the brand.