Kizuna AI releases new single, “Fireburst”

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Kizuna AI will be releasing a new song the 30th October in collaboration with TeddyLoid.

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Kizuna AI will be releasing a new song this 30th of October, in collaboration with TeddyLoid, with whom she already collaborated for another single, “melty world”, released at the end of last year. The new single, titled “Fireburst”, forms part of a compilation of songs made to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the birth of Osamu Tezuka, a Japanese manga artist whose work has had a major influence in both the manga and animation industry. Some of his most famous works are Astro Boy, Black Jack, Dororo and Phoenix.

It is from this last work, unfinished due to the death of the artist in 1989, that this compilation is inspired from, titled “NEW GENE, inspired from Phoenix”. While Kizuna AI’s single had been announced a long time ago, in July 2019, it is now possible to pre-order and pre-save the song on some platforms and streaming services. Some shops have also pre-released the single, meaning users can already listen to it if they buy it. Here’s a link with the multiple stores selling the song, and here’s the album cover:

The compilation features 10 different songs from multiple different artists. According to the information provided on the official website, the compilation will cost ¥3 000+tax [roughly 25€ without tax] and will be on sale the 30th. Here’s the track list:

  1. HONESTY GOBLIN (Kenichi Asai)
  2. Circle Of Time (GLIM SPANKY)
  3. 賢者のダンスフロア (Taiji Sato)
  4. 藝術編 (The Artist) (Shing02 & Sauce81)
  5. Fireburst (Kizuna AI & TeddyLoid)
  6. THE FLARE (toconoma)
  7. Human Is (feat. Fennesz) (Etsuko Yakushimaru)
  8. 火の鳥のうた (Tavito Nanao)
  9. 循環進行/逆循環進行 (the dresscodes)
  10. 速魚 (Naotarō Moriyama)

Coming back to Kizuna AI, the VTuber has continued with her focus on songs, with various new covers released since last time we wrote an article about her (“Sky High”, end of July 2018), the most recent one being a cover of Yunomi’s “インドア系ならトラックメイカー” (“Track maker”) song:

The art used to illustrate this cover matches the art used across recent Yunomi songs, which is a nice touch:

For those interested, here’s the original version, well worth checking out:

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