Curious rumours claim Huawei will use Samsung’s displays for the P30 series

Huawei | P30 Series

Recent rumours claim that Huawei will be using Samsung’s AMOLED displays for their upcoming P30 series.

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Some recent and rather curious rumours claim that Huawei will be using Samsung’s AMOLED displays for their upcoming P30 and P30 Pro, which will be announced at the end of this month, the 26th. The rumour also claims that Huawei may consider using Samsung displays on future P and Mate series.

So far, Huawei has worked with both the South-Korean LG and the Chinese BOE, and is considering, for some reason, switching to Samsung for their next series. Huawei’s cooperation with LG can easily be viewed as a failure, due to the green screen issue on the Mate 20 Pro that forced the Chinese brand to swap thousands of faulty phones. This negative publicity probably turned off more than one customer, although the Mate 20 series recently sold over 10 million units.

Now, this rumour is curious as Huawei has had a rather good relationship with Chinese display maker BOE. BOE supplied the displays for the Mate 10 Pro, which received very good reviews for its screen quality. It is unknown who really supplied the displays for the P20 Pro, some claiming it was Samsung, although some other sources talk about BOE. This is the same as with the Huawei Mate RS, with the display coming, supposedly, from LG, although some of our sources mentioned BOE too, with some Chinese news sources mentioning the same.

Finally, Huawei being a Chinese brand, the company tries to stick to Chinese-made components as much as possible, often using their own whenever possible, such as with their Kirin processors, batteries, and other parts.

We’ll not say this rumour is false, as we also have old information concerning the Mate 20 Pro green screen issue, where Huawei suffered from a shortage of displays after taking out of the supply chain all LG displays and sticking with BOE, with BOE unable to cover the supply, resulting in a temporary shortage of parts. It is possible that BOE is unable to supply enough displays to cover the future demand of the P30 series and keeping up with other models, thus the choice of choosing Samsung for this launch.

In any case, and knowing Huawei, it is probable we’ll never have a direct confirmation of who the supplier of the display is, letting us assume things.

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