DRSC Media reaches 1 000 articles

DRSC Media, 2017

DRSC Media has finally passed the 1 000 articles mark, with a 3-months delay.

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Originally, we intended to reach the 1 000 free articles mark by the end of 2019, which, if things had continued the way they were, would have happened. Sadly, and as many people might have been able to notice, the company has been slowly changing, reducing the number of new free articles and pushing most of our content behind a paywall. Furthermore, between December 2019 and March 2020, part of our staff has been away, either on holidays, business trips or paid leave.

2019 was also a difficult year for the company, with us switching from articles that most other companies publish to producing most of the content ourselves, using the sources directly, which, in most cases, requires extra research. However, this switch has been beneficial overall, with not only the quality of our content improving, but also the speed at which we release the information. Compared to other big, more mainstream news outlets, DRSC Media is often 24 to 48 hours in advance, and our articles are always more accurate than the competition.

If we now look at some numbers, these 1 000 free articles include 881 DRSC Media articles and 119 DRSC Pro articles. Subscribers have access to nearly twice as much content, with this number increasing every single day.

If we now focus on the statistics and compare them to our last article on this subject, here are the differences:

  • 1 000 total articles, up by 11.1% (was 12.5%)
  • 747 articles in English, up by 14.57% (was 15.40%)
  • 127 articles in Spanish, up by 0.79% (was 5%)
  • 126 articles in French, up by 3.28% (was 6.09%)
  • 413 131 total words published, up by 19.71% (was 21.01%)
  • 413.13 words/article on average, up by 7.74% (was 7.70%)
  • 29 months since we started, back in October 2017

While all the values are up, we barely published any new content in French and Spanish. We do plan on changing this in the near future. At the same time, some values might start increasing more slowly from this point onwards, such as the average length of our articles. While we’ve gone from 5.82% to 7.70% to now 7.74%, we do not expect this trend to last, with the overall average stabilizing.

Once again, paying articles are much longer than free articles, with the current DRSC Pro+ average at 691.05 words per article.

To end this overview, we would like to mention another major achievement for the company, with us getting over 300K visits in 2019. With DRSC Media existing since October 2017, we do not have any historical data to compare to, with much of 2018 and the beginning of 2019 lost, due to us switching platforms, as mentioned in the past.

As per usual, we thank you for your continued support,

DRSC Media

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Report written with the support of DRSC Pro.