Meme song “Astronomia 2K19” available on Huawei Music

From Huawei.

The song used in the Ghana pallbearers meme video is, ironically, available on Huawei’s music service.

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In the Western world, death has become something rare, as the quality of life has improved and fewer people pass away. At this point, we could say the subject has become taboo, with funerals being celebrated with mostly family members and away from prying eyes, privately. However, this is not the case everywhere in the world, with different cultures each celebrating death differently. For instance, in 2017, the BBC published a video showing how, in Ghana, a group of pallbearers offered to customers the possibility of celebrating the departure of their loved ones in a more original, “fun” way, with a dance, or a “performance”:

Over the past few weeks, this group of pallbearers has suddenly risen to popularity, thanks to a meme combining their dancing with a song called “Astronomia”. Of course, the current situation, with the coronavirus pandemic forcing most of us to stay at home, has likely played part in the sudden popularity of this meme. While the original song was released all the way back in 2010 and was made by Tony Igy, and the most popular remix is from Vicetone and released in 2014, the version used in the video is titled “Astronomia 2K19”, from Stephan F and released last year, in 2019, bringing the “coffin dance” to a whole new level:

If we now move to the subject of this article, being Huawei, the manufacturer recently launched their music streaming service in Europe, offering a 3-months free trial to new users, with an otherwise paying service costing the same as Spotify or YouTube Music, being 9.99€/month. Ironically, when opening the Huawei Music application, the song in question was being recommended, with both the radio edit and the extended mix available. Furthermore, the service has 48 other songs by the same artist, for a total of 50, as it can be seen below:

Those with a Huawei smartphone can enjoy the 3-months free trial and listen to this song, as well as 50 million other songs, on top of being able to share them with other [Huawei Music] users.

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