Huawei P20 Pro receives EMUI10

EMUI10 | Huawei

Huawei’s P20 Pro has just received EMUI10, bringing an end to the long wait.

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Huawei’s P20 Pro has just received the long-awaited EMUI10 update, which, initially, was scheduled for May 2020. This update brings all the new features announced with EMUI10, such as the improved phone settings, various general optimizations, Huawei’s new Assistant, which replaces Google’s Feed/Discover, and many other improvements to the general user experience. We also see the addition of the Huawei Browser, as well as the possibility of accessing the Member Centre app through the phone settings, although this one has to be downloaded separately from AppGallery. Furthermore, this update also includes April’s 2020 security patch, with the P20 Pro having been stuck on March’s security patch since the beginning of April.

Interestingly enough, this update also includes a patch improving system compatibility with some third-party applications, although, as usual, it is unclear what these “third-party” applications are.

This new update changes the version from CLT-L29 to CLT-L29 and is 4.53 GB in size. The second patch changes the version to CLT-L29

The patch notes read as following:

EMUI 10.0 is designed to further streamline and enhance the quality of your user experience. It provides users with a whole new, fine-tuned user interface designed to facilitate a smoother and more intuitive user experience. Enhanced data and privacy protection also brings you a more secure experience.

User interface: intricate and breathtaking

  • Magazine Design
    • Incorporates a magazine-style layout, for a more comfortable and authentic reading experience.
  • Morandi Colour
    • Understated grey tones make for a gentler and more comfortable display.
  • Animations
    • Dynamic, naturally-based animations for page transitions, app launches, and other scenarios.

Performance: stable and smooth

  • GPU Turbo
    • Improves the smoothness and stability of the system when playing games.
  • Phone Clone
    • Improves the connection and cloning speed.

Security: more secure data and privacy

  • Formally verified microkernel
    • Uses Huawei’s own self-developed microkernel design, certified as the most secure OS kernel for commercial use.
  • Distributed technology
    • Improves security when connecting to other Huawei devices, as well as when transferring files between and storing data on other Huawei devices.
  • Privacy protection
    • Supports app sandboxing capabilities for standardised app permission management and more secure data and privacy protection.

Media and entertainment: more fun

  • AppAssistant dropzone
    • Adds a dropzone for AppAssistant, allowing you to quickly access services such as game acceleration and do-not-disturb.

[HUAWEI Assistant]

  • Adds HUAWEI Assistant to the home screen, providing smart reminders, personalised news, and other content relevant to you.


  • Adds the HUAWEI Browser app, providing you with secure and convenient web browsing and searching services.

The patch notes for the second update read as following:

  • This update improves system compatibility with certain third-party apps.

As previously mentioned, this update also includes the security patch for April 2020, as it can be seen in the phone settings:

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