Huawei Nova 3i/P Smart+ receives update: July 2020 security patch

Huawei’s Nova 3i, sold in Europe as the P Smart+ (2018), has just received the security patch for July 2020.

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Huawei’s P Smart+ (2018) has just received a new update, which includes the security patch for the month of July 2020. The previous updates included May’s security patch and an update improving system compatibility with some third-party apps, but missing the security patch for June 2020. This time around, we received this new update through HiSuite, instead of having it delivered the usual way, through the built-in updater.

Interestingly, while not mentioned in the patch notes, it seems this new update brought some HMS features, such as Huawei’s localization services and the Huawei Assistant. Ironically, since we have set this device to “China” as region and use a Chinese Huawei ID for testing purposes, the Huawei Assistant doesn’t work. Of course, China has its own version of the Huawei Assistant, being much more complete overall and featuring dozens of different options, while the European version is limited to a news feed with three different compatible applications.

This new update changes the version from INE-LX1 to INE-LX1

The patch notes read as following:

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