Puigdemont won’t declare in Spain

Adelais Domènech [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday, Puigdemont’s Belgian lawyer declared that he wouldn’t go to declare in front of the Spanish justice neither today nor tomorrow.

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Puigdemont has requested to declare in Belgium, explaining that, if he goes back to Spain, there’s a high risk of him ending up in prison.

Meanwhile, the other Catalonian ex-advisers will go both to the National Court and the Supreme court, with the risk of ending up in preventive prison.

The independentist Catalonians, desperate in internationalizing their… fight?, keep asking the European Union for help, even if this one has already replied, multiple times, that they support the Spanish Government.

With already barely anybody caring about them, and with the failed strategy of accusing the Spanish Government of having “invaded” them, the independentist have decide to attack the newspapers, accusing them of not knowing the real situation and talking of a “complot” against them. 

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