Brexiters believing it’s 1944 attempt to sabotage the British railways

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The Police are investigating attempted sabotages of rail lines in the UK.

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​It’s 1944 and the British Resistance is fighting to disrupt rail services in the UK to slow down the country or eventually bringing it to a halt, the goal being repelling the European [Union] invader, all in the name of the Queen. The deadline is March 29th, with the first operations being leaving devices to try and slow down or temporarily halt traffic on some lines. Sadly enough, it seems the UK’s rail network is more sophisticate than expected, and the operation results in a failure. The UK won’t be halted, and the Queen is still stuck at Buckingham Palace… still inside the EU. Oh well, it’ll be for another day.

The reality is that, no, this is not 1944, and there’s no need of some kind of “British Resistance” composed of Brexiters. It’s 2019, and the UK is [theoretically] spending its last few days in the Union, with the new deadline being the 12th of April. Although slightly modified, these events did take place. The 21st March, near Yaxley in Cambridgeshire, and the 27th March, near Netherfield in Nottinghamshire, two devices were found on the tracks. The purpose of these devices was to slow down or temporarily halt/disrupt the rail traffic, and bore messages saying “Leave means leave” and “bring Britain to a standstill”. As previously mentioned, these devices failed to achieve their goal, being found by the employees before anything happened.

The relevant authorities are currently investigating the attempted sabotage.

It is expected that the longer “Brexit” is delayed, the more likely similar events will take place, as well as protests and unrest on the streets. 

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