No-confidence motion against Rajoy due to Gürtel case

European People's Party [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Last week we got to know the decision of the National Court concerning the Gürtel case. After the sentence, various political parties, unhappy with the decision, expressed their desire to replace Rajoy (President of Spain) until next elections.

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After we got to know the decision of the National Court on the Gürtel case, the PSOE filed a no-confidence motion against the President of the government, Mariano Rajoy, stating that his party, the PP, had been convicted as a legal person.

A no-confidence motion is an option available in the Spanish Constitution of 1978, which allows the parliament to remove the current president, and replace it with a new candidate until new elections are held. Until now, this no-confidence motion has only been used twice since 1978, without success. For this motion to be successful, the majority is needed in the Congress, which has 350 seats. The majority, in this case, is 176 seats.

The PSOE is the main backer of this motion, with its candidate Pedro Sánchez. The government has sped up the process and organized the voting in the Congress for this Thursday 31st and Friday 1st of June, leaving few days to the PSOE to gather enough political support.

Podemos, another political party, has already announced that, if the PSOE motion is unsuccessful, they will file one too.

This no-confidence motion comes in at a bad moment, as Article 155 is still being applied in Catalonia, and could worsen the existing political instability.

The markets reacted in a negative way, with loses in the Stock exchanges in Spain and Italy. 

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