Over 200 dead in Japan due to floods, followed by heatwave

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Torrential rain and landslides killed some 200 people in Japan about 2 weeks ago. Now, the country is facing a heatwave.

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​About 2 weeks ago in Western Japan, floods and landslides caused by torrential rain killed over 200 people. Around two million people have been evacuated from the region, after the rivers burst their banks and flooded neighbouring areas. It is considered this is the worst weather disaster Japan has faced in the past 30 years. Last week, there were still some 30 people missing, with 70 000 workers clearing debris and mud to find potential survivors. Some 240 000 homes didn’t have running water either, with the government sending tankers to supply the affected regions.

Originally, Japan’s prime minister had to come to Brussels to discuss the EU-Japan trading partnership, but taking in account the circumstances, the trip ended up being cancelled. Instead, the European Commission announced the signing of said deal would be delayed, with the European Commission president, Mr. Juncker, going to Japan to sign the deal in Tokyo. This was done the 17th July.

The country is now facing a heatwave, with already 30 people killed. Thousands of affected have been hospitalized, with some regions of Japan facing temperatures as high as 40ºC.