An update on construction works in Brussels

Brussels Grande Place | Taken with Huawei P30 Pro, March 2019, DRSC Media

At the beginning of June, we published an article talking about some of the ongoing construction works in Brussels.

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​At the beginning of June, we published an article titled “Brussels and construction works”, complaining about the many construction works going on currently in the capital, and the many inconveniences created by said construction works. Many of them having advanced, being close to completion or even finished, we’ve decided to make an update to said article.

Let’s start by the construction works in Roodebeek and the renovation of the boulevard de la Woluwe. The works for the extension of the Tram 94 up to Roodebeek have been completed, and the new line has already been inaugurated.  The Tram 94 has also changed name and is now called the Line 8.

​The demolition works for the Parking 58, close to the metro stop of De Brouckère and the square Sainte-Catherine, have been finished since a while, allowing for the construction of the foundations of the new administrative building of the City of Brussels, “Brucity”. “Brucity” will be able to welcome 1 500 employees and will have 600 parking spots. Obviously, said construction works are lifting quite a lot of dust, affecting the surrounding buildings.

The works for the transformation of the avenue of De Brouckère are quickly advancing, with part of them finished, but the working area has been extended. This extension is not advancing very quickly, and not much has been done over the past few weeks. The metro stops of De Brouckère and Bourse are also still being renovated. The renovations of said metro stops seem to be causing quite a lot of issues, as both stops had to be closed a few times, due to passengers feeling unwell. The first time, this was attributed to a gas leak, although no issues were found. The second time, the unwellness of the travellers was linked to chemical products used for the installation of a bike ramp.

In the European neighbourhood, things are also going well. The construction works for the foundations of the new building at Avenue des Arts 19H have already started, with the old building entirely demolished. As already mentioned in our past article, the new building should be called “Quartz” and the works should finish around 2020.

The work at Madou, in front of one of the buildings of the European Commission, have been partially completed, with a new square and a new bike lane finished. But a new series of works have been started on the street walk in front of the building of the town hall of Saint-Josse, works that are advancing quite fast but that are forcing pedestrians and cyclists to share a small path on the mud and the sand.

​In front of the works of the street walk of the town hall of Saint-Josse, the construction of the building “SPECTRUM”, built where the Selor building used to be located, is advancing extremely quickly, with the concrete structure already being a few floors high. The construction works should end around 2019.

Other construction works should start soon, lifting even more dust and dirtying more than one of us. Works on the rue Neuve should start in October, and last for two years, with the objective being the renovation of this street visited by thousands of people each day. And finally, construction works are being considered on the avenue parallel to the rue Neuve, on the boulevard Adolphe Max, somewhere between now and 2021. This is due to the City still needing to obtain the construction permits. The objective is to transform some of the neighbouring streets into pedestrian and cyclist streets, as well as hiding the sex-shops that are on the boulevard Adolphe Max, by planting trees on the street walk.

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