Huawei releases 128GB variant of the Mate 30 Pro 5G

Huawei has announced the release of a 128GB variant of their Mate 30 Pro 5G in China.

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Huawei has announced the upcoming release of a 128GB variant of their Mate 30 Pro 5G in China. This 128GB variant will be available in all 6 colours, being black, space silver, emerald green, cosmic purple, orange (leather) and forest green (leather). The RAM configuration remains the same, being 8GB.

The device is already available for pre-order on Huawei’s Vmall, and will be releasing on the 18th of this month. Pricing-wise, this new variant costs 6 399 yuan [~800€], while the 256GB variant costs 6 899 [~880€] and the 512GB retails for 7 899 [~1 000€]. The 4G variant is meanwhile only available in 128GB or 256GB, with the 512GB being reserved to the 5G variant.

It is unclear why the company has decided to add this new configuration to their existing line-up, although one could guess it is to make a more affordable 5G entry-model, with this new variant costing only 100 yuan more than the 4G 8GB/256GB version.

In Europe, only the 4G variant is available in some countries, in its 8GB/256GB configuration.

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