Huawei gifting cloud storage with P40 series and Mate Xs

Huawei is currently gifting cloud storage space to owners of new devices, such as the Mate Xs or the upcoming P40 series.

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With the P40 series launching in less than two days, on the 26th of this month, Huawei is slowly preparing with various gifts to welcome new customers, such as cloud storage on Huawei’s Mobile Cloud. With this Cloud storage, users can backup pictures from the Gallery, contacts, notes taken on the Notepad, or Calendar entries. The basic, free plan comes with a limited 5GB of storage space, with users having the possibility of upgrading and getting 50GB for barely a euro per month, or 11.88€ per year. Of course, it is also possible to get 200GB or even 2048GB, for those requiring that much.

Customers buying a P40 Lite, P40, P40 Pro or Mate Xs can get more cloud storage for free, if they claim it between now and the 31st of December of this year, 2020. For the P40 Lite, which is already available in various countries, such as Spain, Italy or Germany, the company is gifting 15GB, valid for a full year (365 days) since activation. Those getting one of the higher-end devices, such as the P40, P40 Pro or the Mate Xs, will instead get 50GB, valid, once again, for a full year since activation.

Of course, there are some limitations in place, such as this promotion being limited to the devices listed. Users can also only claim this gift once per Huawei ID, and each device can only support up to 3 different Huawei IDs. However, once claimed, this storage can be used across various devices under the same Huawei ID, allowing users to sync their galleries or notepads on, for example, their Huawei-branded phone and tablet.

To claim this extra cloud storage, those fulfilling the previous conditions can go to the phone settings, create/register a Huawei ID (or login, if one already has one), access the “Cloud” settings section, and then tap on “Upgrade Cloud storage space”. There, a bank card has to be linked to benefit from the free cloud storage. Of course, one can turn off the automatic billing if they do not want to continue their subscription once this one ends.

Otherwise, users can also scan this QR code, which will redirect them directly to the Huawei Cloud claim page:

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