Huawei Mobile UK launches online store

From Huawei UK.

Huawei Mobile UK has just launched their own online store, allowing consumers to buy the brand’s products directly from the manufacturer.

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Following the opening of their own online store in other countries such as Spain, France or Germany, Huawei has now proceeded to launch their online store in the United Kingdom. This opening is taking place on the same day the brand is launching their new flagship phones, the Huawei P40 series, which will be unveiled in a few hours, live from Paris.

The UK store is similar to the other national stores the brand has launched so far, selling the products directly to consumers, with shipping taking 1 to 2 days and free delivery for orders above £99, an amount that is easy to reach when buying technology products. Of course, orders can only be delivered within the United Kingdom. From what we’ve heard, at least one of Huawei’s shipping partners is DHL.

The launch of this store comes with various offers, such as Huawei’s newest foldable phone, the Mate Xs, coming with the leather case as a gift, or the MateBook D being discounted, on top of coming with a backpack, the Huawei Bluetooth mouse and the FreeBuds 3:

On this online store, customers can also find smartphones that are not widely available everywhere else, such as the Mate Xs, as previously mentioned, or the Mate 30 Pro, coming with the FreeBuds 3 as a gift. “Older” devices that do have access to the Google Play Store are also available, such as the Nova 5T:

The brand also sells accessories such as the FreeBuds 3, chargers, both wired and wireless, selfie sticks, cases or even tablets:

Lastly, some harder to find products are also available, what Huawei calls “smart home” products, such as the Huawei 5G CPE Pro or other 4G/5G modems:

Curiously, the selection in this last category is rather limited, with, for example, the lack of the Huawei AI Cube, which is available in the UK through at least one carrier. In any case, it is nice to see the brand moving towards this direction, making it easier to find all their products, instead of having to rely on third-parties such as Amazon, which don’t always have what one is looking for. The P40 series will also likely be available directly through Huawei’s online store, with the various promotional offers, removing the usual hurdles of claiming these promotional launch gifts. Those interested can find the store here.

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