Puigdemont sues the judge in charge of his case

Adelais Domènech [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Yes, the title is real. With the government of the PP now replaced, the poor man can’t use anymore the excuses of Franco government and oppression to defend his position.

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That we Spaniards are Franco supporters or fascists, or whatever Puigdemont says, ok. Those were the excuses used to attack the government during a few months, which gave a negative perception of Spain abroad. The fake Catalonian independentist videos, the supposed aggressions the police did (it’s authorized to assault a policeman but when this one defends himself… it’s an attack?). Around here we’ve heard people discussing the situation in Spain and it seems they didn’t understand half of what happened. The other day, somebody asked us to explain what is going on in Spain, and at the end he couldn’t, or didn’t want, to understand what we were trying to explain. It seems that the Catalonian propaganda has worked wonders.

Well, it you thought that with the government of PSOE-Podemos (oh, while we are at it, the guys from Podemos ended up getting nothing) and Sánchez, Puigdemont would have calmed down… turns out this isn’t the case. The man has just filed a complaint against the Spanish judge in charge of his case, Mr. Llarena, for declaring that… the Catalonians who fled “are not political prisoners”?!

[Note to proof-reader: Pepe, did you drink too much red wine again? You wasted, man? What? Puchi really sued the judge because this one said he isn’t a “political prisoner” but Puchi believes he is one? What the hell!]

Sorry for the interruption, we’ll come back when Pepe is sober. Correction, we’ll come back when we have more information on the situation.

So, as we were saying… the fact that the judge Llarena gave his opinion on the case of Puigdemont and the other politicians wanted by the justice means that the judge is not objective on the case. The demand, filed in Belgium by Puigdemont and the other 4 advisers who fled abroad, was automatically accepted by the Belgian justice. Mr. Llarena will have to come to declare in Brussels in September, though he can send his lawyer instead. It is in September when the Belgian court will decide whether they accept the complaint or not.

The statements the judge made, used by Puigdemont and friends to justify this complaint, were made in Oviedo (Asturias), 1000 kilometres in a straight line from Brussels, or 1500 kilometres by car.

The objective of this complaint is to have the Spanish Supreme Court nominate a new judge for the case, which would delay the judgement (maybe Puchi and his friends are afraid of Llarena?). Thought they’ve also asked for compensation: 1 duro[1], symbolic, obviously. Sorry, 1 euro.

Conclusion: the Spaniards who were worried about Spain’s image abroad… nothing, forget about it, Belgium is much worse. The hell is going on in this country, seriously, some days we wonder….

[1] “Duros”: popular name given to the 5-pesetas coin.