Catalonia and the 3%

Over the past few days, the convictions in the Gürtel case and the no-confidence motion against Rajoy have made us forget about the corruption case that affects the Catalonian independentists and Puigdemont. […]


La Cataluña del 3%

Estos últimos días, las condenas en el Caso Gürtel y la moción de censura contra Rajoy nos han hecho olvidar un poco el caso de corrupción que salpica a los independentistas catalanes y a Puigdemont. […]

EU News

EU-backed Iran deal left by Trump

Back in November 2017, US President Donald Trump threatened leaving the Iran deal, as, supposedly, the country had violated the agreement. The EU heavily criticized this threat, as it took 12 years to reach an agreement between Iran, the US and the EU. […]