Huawei update tracker for the P6, P8, P9, Mate 9, P10, Mate 10 Pro, P20 Pro, Mate RS, P Smart+, P30 Pro and HiSuite

This guide keeps track of the updates on various Huawei devices.

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[Updated 13/10/2019]

This guide compiles all the articles on updates deployed on various Huawei devices that we (DRSC Media/DRSC Publishers) or our employees own. We’ve decided to organize it by Month/Year, meaning under each month we’ll list the devices that received an update, and specify the patch version/number received.

For some older devices, we’ll just put the patch version the device currently is on, as we do not expect devices such as the P6 or P8 to receive more updates.

The devices in this list are all European models, unlocked, and not rooted. The devices we currently cover are the P6, P8, P9, Mate 9, P10, Mate 10 Pro, P20 Pro, Mate RS, P Smart+ and P30 Pro. In many cases, we only decided to start checking for updates at a later stage, thus the lack of updates in 2018.

Recently, we’ve also decided to start covering updates to Huawei’s PC Tool “HiSuite”. Updates to HiSuite can be found after smartphone updates, at the end of this guide.

October 2019 security patch:

  • Currently none

September 2019 security patch:

August 2019 security patch:

July 2019 security patch:

June 2019 security patch:

May 2019 security patch:

April 2019 Security patch:

March 2019 Security patch:

February 2019 Security patch:

January 2019 Security patch:

December 2018 Security patch:

November 2018 Security patch:

October 2018 Security patch:

September 2018 Security patch:

August 2018 Security patch:

July 2018 Security patch:

June 2018 Security patch:

May 2018 Security patch:

April 2018 Security patch:

The P9, EVA-L09, is currently on 1st June 218 security patch, running EVA-L09C02B361

The P8, GRA-L09, is currently on [???], running GRA-L09V100R001C900B132

The P6, [will be updated later]

Devices that received EMUI9.1 system updates:

Devices that received EMUI9.0 system updates:

Devices that received EMUI8.0 system updates:

Updates to Huawei HiSuite:

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